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Trips of gratitude, celebration and spiritual renewal


Natural landscapes, Nazi German Concentration & Death Camps, Medevial Cities, Comfortable prices

We are starting our trip in Warsaw, so to reach Nazi Concentration Camp Majdanek with it's original gas chambers and crematories. Contrasting breathtaking Medieval Old Town in Lublin is next. On the same day we arrive Medieval wealthy city of Zamość established by Jan Zamoyski, who was the first polish magnat who hired Jews as his financiers in XVIth century. On the next day morning we take a look at the monument of Bełżec Nazi German Death Camp and we are crossing Ukrainian border smoothly. Next 3 nights we will spend in Lviv. Great accommodation with SPA, luxurious rooms and service are waiting for us in very reasonable prices. The Hotel was opened in 2018 and Paris Hilton was one of it's first guests (good for her). During that stay you sightsee outstanding churches, delightful monuments, enjoy delicious Ukrainian cousine in restaurants that regular tourist cannot enter, which is really impressive. Magnificent Castles around Lviv and it's spectacular Opera House that you will see from your hotel window fulfill your stay. On the way back (Warsaw/Cracow), or forward we have a variety of options to be adjusted to your mood. You can hit through Hungary to Budapest and than Vienna. Otherwise through Romania to have the Balkan experience.

1USD per 1mile + 220USD per day is my full price for organisation, driving, car, fuel, translation, tourist guide services and knowledge & thoughtfulness. I do accept credit card payments and provide an invoice. I do pay my bills and accommodation in the same place as yours, so I am always around. I do organise significant discounts and guarantee best local services. 23% VAT tax is added at the end of calculation.


Auschwitz, Cracow, Zakopane, Slovakian mountains, Vienna, Czech Republic, Ksiaz, Wroclaw, Lodz

We start our tour in Warsaw, and then head to Auschwitz, World's biggest nazi concentration & death camp. On the same day you reach Cracow for two nights. Medieval capital of Poland is assumed to be one of European best travel destinations. Zakopane for one night goes next. Good for our logistics spot for regeneration offers great SPA in best Carpathian ski resort - Aspen of Poland. You may want to spend two nights in here. 'People of the mountains' offer fantastic atmosphere, food & prices are convincing too. Now you are ready to hit Slovakian mountains, astonishing anti-Mongol castles on steep cliffs & always smiling Slovakian people with Celtic roots. On that day you sleep in Vienna. Three nights over there is what you need to experience classy Austrian culture and history. The next juicy step of the tour is Czech Republic. Rich medieval cities, cosy culture & great sightseeing spots in short distances make it easy to travel in here. We use our time efficiently, but we take our time when we feel it's worth it. The cherry on the cake is called Ksiaz Castle. Magnificent Hochberg family Castle is breathtaking outside & inside. On the way back to Warsaw there are still: Wroclaw - another brilliant medieval city & Lodz with an amazing Jewish heritage.


During such a trips I charge 1USD per 1 mile + 220 USD per day. The price includes: driving in brand new Mercedes E-class, fuel & full car costs. Logistics & rhythm of your journey is well taken care of during every step of the trip. I pay my bills, accommodation & restaurants. This trip takes around 1200 miles + 8 days. Prices are netto, 23% VAT tax is added. Credit card, cash, or bank transfer are accepted.


Belgrade, Bosnian mountains, Trebinje, Dubrovnik, Split, Brac island, Zadar, Plitwickie Jezera, Zagreb, or Istra penisula + Postojna Caves in Slovenia.

The Balkan experience and especially it's Croatian cost is a must once in a lifetime. It should be done in summer season between may-october. It is a 5-12 days trip. Our starting point might be in Warsaw, Budapest, Vienna, or Belgrade. Everything is adjustable. Most important is to drive Croatian seashore throughout. Bosnian National Park is simply overwhelming. There are many small cities in Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia that are not very popular, but are beautiful indeed.

Fixed price 1USD/1mile + 220 USD/day netto + 23% VAT tax. Credit card, cash, bank transfer, invoice on request.


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